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The PDF file format is also very useful for dispersing dynamic or static multimedia information. It is lightweight and won’t easily get corrupted.

But just a trusted PDF creator will have the ability to faithfully render the original content at the destination PDF, keeping the text, images, layout, orientation, and other attributes intact throughout the conversion. With PDFelement, it is literally a simple job to receive any file in a PDF format. But PDFelement does a good deal more than that, as we’ll see. link website

Easy Ways To Create PDF

#1. Create PDF with Printing Command

If you have PDFelement installed on your Windows PC, then you can use the Print Control to create a PDF.

Have your source file open in its native app: e.g. MS Word for Word docus, MS Excel for a spreadsheet, etc.

Go to the File → Publish menu item and you will see a brand new Wondershare window to interface with your printer.

From the Printer section, select Wondershare PDFelement, turn ‘Let the program change my printing preferences’, and click the Print button at the base.

When the file opens as a PDF document in PDFelement, visit File → name and Save your newly generated PDF.

#2. Produce PDF Using PDF element


The easiest way to convert any document into PDF would be to import it into a PDF editor like PDFelement. The software makes it incredibly easy to do, and it is as simple as dragging and dropping the source file into the app.

Once you put in PDFelement, you may simply use your mouse to click-drag your source file either into the program itself (if it is open) or even the desktop icon.

The document will automatically open as a PDF document after being changed.

In case you’ve got the application open on your computer, it is also possible to click the Generate PDF module on the home page and select your source file in the Explorer window and hit Open to import as PDF. You can also use the Combine PDF module to flip multiple source files into one PDF.


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Method #3. Create PDF Directly out of the Scanner

Using PDFelement, you may even use your scanner and create PDFs directly every time a hardcopy document is scanned. To do this, the following steps can be replicated on your PC:


Launch PDFelement and then visit the Home tab from where you can click on ‘From Scanner’ to open a new window.

In the Generate from Scanner window, pick the scanner at the very best drop-down menu and hit Scan at the bottom.

Your newly created PDF will open within the app and it will be fully editable. Throughout the process, you will also have an choice to scan additional pages from the exact same document so that they can be merged into a single PDF.

Once it’s scanned, the PDF file can be placed through the OCR plugin and transformed into an editable version of the exact same material. That brings us to some of PDFs other features, which we have outlined below.

PDFelement Key Features Explained

Making a PDF is merely one of the things you can do using PDFelement. The core purpose is that of a PDF editor, also PDFelement’s functionality is unparalleled in this area of expertise. Below are some of the center functions that PDFelement is capable of implementing.

PDF Editing

This can be PDFelement’s forte as well as the place where it truly shines. You can edit any material component and see a customized toolbar appear as a sidebar with the required toolkit. Text may be edited line by line or as a paragraph; images could be altered, replaced or repositioned; additional material types can be edited also.



Reviewing a record prepared by your subordinate? You need all the annotation tools like sticky notes, stamps, callouts, text, shapes, highlighting, and all that. PDFelement has you covered there too, offering comprehensive annotation and inspection tools.


PDFelement’s conversion programs are unrivaled in accuracy and speed. With a large selection of conversion formats to select from, you may be certain that the PDF content will be faithfully reproduced in the output document no matter what the final format.

PDF Forms

If you have ever struggled with converting or creating forms, then you’ve likely never utilized PDFelement. Whether you’re making interactive forms from scratch or converting a non-editable form into a single, it’s super-easy to perform in this program. You could also extract from, import into, and export data from any type of PDF form, you can certainly do Form Field Recognition to create digitally fillable forms, along with a lot more.


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